Lucile Travert

"Vos portraits qui ont osé chasser toute la couleur provençale environnante offrent une profondeur qui ne perce pas le mystère mais qui rayonne outrageusement. Un œil empreint d\'une grande poésie et sensibilité."
— Lucile Travert, France (31/07/2023)

Nick Chau

"Works okay"
— Nick Chau, France (11/07/2023)

Melissa Danas Vienna

"Working with Nicolas was truly a unique experience— given his background in psychology, he has the capability to evoke and capture the soul and feeling behind his subjects beyond the realm of beauty and poses…While many photographers struggle to achieve such a depth, Nicolas does so effortlessly"
— Melissa Danas Vienna, Australia (23/05/2023)

Isabel Curdes

"I love the way you can make your images look effortlessly made in the moment but I can imagine how much work goes into each"
— Isabel Curdes, Denmark (09/05/2023)

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