Nicolas is an international but also human-centered, portrait and documentary photographer. As a teenager, he was inspired by photography and has trained on his own. He then got interested in human nature and studied psychology. This spurred him on working as an executive coach, starting to focus on people and their stories. As a professional photographer, he is now seeking truth through images and it has become a calling for him. Since 2012, Nicolas has been publishing a daily shot on a photographers’ exhibition site. It promotes professional as well as amateur image makers. He is also a member of the Swiss Union of Professional Photographers

A distinctive style

Nicolas’s style is easy to spot: behind an apparent simplicity, a natural strength stands out from his characters. His surroundings seem to fade away harmoniously.

An intuitive inspiration

As an artist with a contemplative spirit, Nicolas is driven by his perceptions. In the street, he lets his inspiration flow naturally. He catches a fleeting glimpse of people and just captures the emotion.