who is Nicolas

Nicolas is an international but also human-centered, portrait and documentary photographer. As a teenager, he was inspired by photography and has trained on his own. He then got interested in human nature and studied psychology. This spurred him on working as an executive coach, starting to focus on people and their stories. As a professional photographer, he is now seeking truth through images and it has become a calling for him.
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I’m good at making pictures of human beings.”

The unique work style

Nicolas’s style is easy to spot: behind an apparent simplicity, a natural strength stands out from his characters. His surroundings seem to fade away harmoniously.


The Atlanta Jazz Scene

The Atlanta Jazz Scene

A musical chronicle in the biggest city of south United States.
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The Faces of Pro Juventute

The Faces of Pro Juventute

A tribute to all the people, particularly women, working for Pro Juventute in Geneva. A...
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Nicolas Chauvet, 10 chemin de Concava
1231 Conches (Geneva) Switzerland
V: +4122-510-2181
C: +4178-760-5610