Photography as an Art

A Workshop by Nicolas D. Chauvet

“Technology doesn’t change the way photography is – it makes it available to more people. This means that there is going to be much, much more terrible pictures taken” – Ken van Sickle, New York City Photographer

This workshop is aimed to support you in developing your own photographic style – regardless of the camera or technology you use.

In a small group, we’ll focus on the following aspects of photography as an Art:

• Color versus black and white
• Using light
• How to “read” an image
• Composition
• Framing for powerful images
• Developing one’s own vision and style
• Developing a discipline for optimal work
• Technical tools
• Where to publish

The workshop will be held in five 2 hours sessions for a group of 6 participants maximum, over a period of 4 weeks.

We’ll have a look at well-known photographers’ work and at our own.

Cost: CHF 400.00 (introductory price). This workshop can also be taught individually. Please contact Nicolas for discussing the details.