Isabel Curdes

"I love the way you can make your images look effortlessly made in the moment but I can imagine how much work goes into each"

- Isabel Curdes, Ahrus (Denmark)

From Melissa Danas

“Working with Nicolas was truly a unique experience— given his background in psychology, he has the capability to evoke and capture the soul and feeling behind his subjects beyond the realm of beauty and poses...While many photographers struggle to achieve such a depth, Nicolas does so effortlessly” - Melissa Danas Vienna (Austria)

Andrew French

“Nicolas’s portraits play with the absence of light, the depths of darkness and shadow, mood and emotion for the eye to absorb. His portraits stop me. They excite me. I feel what he saw. I see what he exposed and I want to know more. Nicolas’s photographs are enduring —rare in a world of disposable imagery” - Andrew French (New York)

C. Joybell C.

“Your work is elegant and serene and striking all at the same time. I honor your work!” / “Your work is something I appreciate, as well. Your work is many things at once: classy, edgy, insolent, graceful” - C. Joybell C. Author, (USA)