Differences: A Story of Love of Humanity

A few years ago, an exhibition that took place at the Musée de l’Homme in Paris. “All Kin/All Different” highlighted the fact that despite our differences in aspect, skin color, height, sex orientation, we all belong to the same species since we share the same DNA material.

Simultaneously, we actually are all different in our identities, lifestyles, ideas and beliefs as well as in the way we manifest our presence in the world. For a lot of us, the affirmation of our differences is oftentimes difficult because our culture still carries limiting representations regarding who we are (or should be) and how we have to behave or show ourselves. For many of us, these representations can be oppressive and can greatly impact our own quality of life and that of those around us.

It is humanity in all its different aspects that I want to make visible with my project “Differences: A story of Love of Humanity”. I will make photographic portraits of “different” people with no distinction of ethnicity, religion, sex orientation, gender identity or ethnic or physical appearance. My goal is to highlight the deep human qualities that can be manifested through differences, whether actual, felt or perceived.

I will shoot between 50 to 100 black and white portraits of people that want to manifest and show their differences.

This work will allow the publication of a book and an exhibition. Volunteers welcome!